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The Knights journeyed across the Plaines to the Tower, dealing with both a blistering sun and blistering feet along the way. Eventually they arrived at the Tower itself. They followed a staircase to a room filled with booby-traps, which they discovered when the flagstones on the floor reacted to pressure and set off arrows. Elyan, who was a little ways ahead of the others, made his way across the room by using his sword to test the stones before stepping on them. The others were quick to follow his lead, but upon reaching the doorway Elyan decided to go on without them, determined to rescue his sister. When Leon and the others finally caught up to him, they found Gwen unharmed and Elyan lying dead in her arms.

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Some time later, Leon, Mordred , and the other Knights of the Round Table were sent on a patrol to locate a renegade sorceress and her accomplice. They ran into Merlin in the woods, who claimed to be gathering herbs for Gaius. Though Merlin wanted to return to Camelot in light of their errand, the Knights placed him under protective custody instead, as they didn't want him traveling alone with both a dangerous sorceress and Saxons on the loose. However, Mordred allowed Merlin to leave during the night, and the Knights continued their patrol without him ( The Kindness of Strangers ).

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Leon was also present during the knights' ambush on King Caerleon's raiding party. When Caerleon's queen, Annis , subsequently declared war on Camelot over the death of her husband, Leon accompanied his fellow knights and the rest of Camelot's army to the battle sight. He later joined the other Knights of the Round Table in trying to cheer up Arthur by voicing their support and willingness to die for him. When Arthur struck a bargain with Annis that the war would be decided by a duel between two champions rather than a battle between two armies, Leon was among those who volunteered to represent Camelot. He later watched Arthur fight from the ridge alongside Merlin, the Knights, and the rest of Camelot's army ( His Father's Son ).

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Following the Toran Liberation War, he returned to Kalekka for a spell before accepting a position as Jowy Atreides ' strategist and orchestrating the death of Luca Blight.

Following her ascension to the throne, Leon was very loyal to Gwen and supported her authority as Queen. He took the opportunity to speak to her about being Camelot's future ruler when Arthur was poisoned, assuring her that he and all the other knights believed her to be capable of the task and that they would remain loyal to her no matter what happened ( A Lesson in Vengeance ). He later stood at Gwen's side as she took the throne as Queen Regnant of Camelot, announcing to the court both news of Arthur's death and the start of her reign ( The Diamond of the Day ).

When it was discovered that Julius Borden was searching for the last dragon egg in existence, Leon was among the knights that Arthur took to find and destroy it. During their journey, Leon joined the others in playing a trick on Merlin. They pretended to eat all of the stew he'd fixed for dinner, and then proceeded to reveal one last bowl they'd saved for him just when he'd given up hope of eating. As a result, Leon and the other Knights were stricken ill when Borden poisoned their food, and had to be saved by Merlin's magic ( Aithusa ).

A hundred years ago, Von Leon's wife Ifia was murdered. He found a Cygnus Knight crest on her body which made him believe that they did it. This was all actually a set-up for him to join the Black Mage , which he did. After the Black Mage was sealed, Von Leon casted a spell which killed every resident in the village and his castle disappeared the moment the Black Mage were to return, Von Leon would too.

Botstein became the (or possibly second college president in . history at age 78, serving from 6975 to 6975 at the now-defunct Franconia College , after which he was named president of Bard College.

Play "C'est moi, le backdooring buccaneer!" - A humorous reference to Leon's backdooring abilities with Cloaking Skin.

People with this name have a deep inner desire to inspire others in a higher cause, and to share their own strongly held views on spiritual matters.

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